“Wow, that is great! What are you doing with your degree in Creative Writing?”

“What a lot of Creative Writing majors do: I’m delivering pizzas.”

This Saturday, something I’ve been waiting for is finally coming to fruition: I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s degree! It is so weird and unbelievable, to me. In fact, I am so unconvinced it is actually happening, I forgot to ask for the day off from work so I can watch the ceremony (gonna have to watch the stream since we can’t make it to NH). While this isn’t a Hat Rack post, I’m thrilled to soon add another hat–rather, a cap–to the rack, and I hope to feature my next Rack post with a pic of my mortarboard.

I’ve been reminded a lot, lately, of the many hats I have worn (sounds a little Gumpish…sorry). One of the guys I work with mentioned the other day how I had quite a bit of experience in a variety of positions and it reminded me why I began my Musings from the Rack posts, originally. My biggest thing now is trying to come across more knowledgeable and less know-it-all.

I have a few writing projects in the planning stages, right now. I signed-up for James Patterson’s Master Class and I’m looking forward to starting and completing it before May 23rd (that’s when I start grad school). I am truly hoping to get some great advice, inspiration, and momentum back into my writing with this class!

I’ve taken a break from any writing competitions, for a while. I am, though, going to compose an essay and pitch it to Stir. I have a topic which is popular and borders on controversial, so I hope I can pull it off. At this point, I’m really just wanting something good enough to be published; the money from the project would just be a nice bonus.

Otherwise, I’m ready to start working on my business, again. Totally Wassom has taken a big hit during this time while I finish my bachelor’s degree, move into my master’s degree, and pick up work in the nourishment distribution industry. Next week I’m back to learning to master Gimp so I can prep a nice portfolio for anyone interested in what I have to offer. Wish me luck!

Okay, that’s enough hodgepodge for this post. I mostly just wanted to write and clear some of the cobwebs, so…goal reached! I have ideas for two other blogs, and with some help from another venue (forgot to mention it earlier, but I’m also working on a different direction with my blog writing…fingers crossed), you may see one or both of them, soon. For now, I’ll sign-off and finish my Riesling. Have a great night…and, Happy Mother’s Day!



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