sc pic 1At a young age, I heard the term Renaissance Man and realized a life of learning was what I desired. Finding a little talent in both technical and creative outlets, I spent the first forty years searching for a vocation I was proud to call my own. That goal was finally realized with writing.

Years of studying numerous subjects only reaffirmed the intimate relationship between intellect and creativity, yet I chose the former to earn a living until I was 44, at which time I returned to college to complete my degree in English: Creative Writing. While I have used my degree work to improve the story-telling skills which accompany fiction writing, I also found a new career in business writing where my attention to detail and research makes me sought after for projects which require a higher level of credibility.

The study of other cultures, including their verbal and written languages, has instilled a greater desire within me to master American English, including all facets of orthography and grammar, as well as new and/or evolving dialects. I plan to continue my education with advanced degrees in English, and I plan to teach as well as write. I also hope to be published, and in the vein of a lifelong polymath, I hope to span many genres, including adult fiction, children’s books, and self-help with emphasis on understanding and tolerance of cultural and/or religious differences.

I have a short history as a volunteer for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. I have also volunteered with amateur radio organizations, Suicide Prevention, and my local fire department. I am a lifetime member of the National Society of Leadership and Success as well as a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.

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