Ever notice how similar frustrating and castrating are?

Guess who?

Alright, I know I haven’t posted a blog entry in months. I would love to get back to my weekly The Rack posts as well as other life/writing posts, and I plan to get back into more regular blogging, soon. The problem is…it’s frustrating knowing only five people are reading my posts.

It doesn’t stop with the posts, though. No…it’s much worse than that. I am smack-dab in the middle of planning-out three different books, each as far from the other as east is from west. When I can’t even get my shorts published in low quality lit journals, though, I move past frustrated and feel more castrated.

This emasculation extends even further, though. Now, I’m being rejected by online writing services! One told me I was unable to follow guidelines and didn’t describe what was laid-out in the application writing exercises. This floors me! I am coming straight out of my last term in my BA, finishing with honors (ceremonial, only, due to not nine credits too few for Latin honors…but still summa cum laude), and being acutely aware of what it takes to follow a prompt guideline.

Did I choose the wrong path?

M sent me an inspiring email which had a link to a much needed web page. It was encouraging and it reminded me of the struggles and rejections some of the greatest writers have gone through. I’m reminded of Brad Meltzer who was rejected 24 times from 22 publishers (yes, two of them rejected him twice). I know persistence in the key in my chosen vocation; it’s just discouraging.

Alright…tantrum over.


3 thoughts on “Ever notice how similar frustrating and castrating are?

  1. jazzyjenness

    Tony, I feel your frustration, well, with not having too many readers/followers/audience members. That does make one feel as if they might not be cut out for this line of work, no pun intended. However, I can’t at this time understand what your going through in regards to those silly people who are rejecting you. Why? Well, I guess that i feel unable to bring myself to that point. I don’t feel good enough as of yet. I haven’t been bloggin much either, nor submitting many stories to you. Life has consumed me, and it isn’t fair to you, the readers, or myself. My advice is to keep pressing on, heed the advice of those around you, and maybe find someone, a mentor or a friend, colleague to hold you accountable for your writing and to offer encouragement. I’m sure Brittany, Colleen, Jennifer, and myself would be happy to do that for you. We as writers need to help one another. Wise people have told me to keep pressing on, don’t give up, and sometimes you just need to step away from the situation. I will always be here here to help you in any way that I can.

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