Flash (Ahh!)

New and Improved!

(…with fewer calories and more flavor)

This page is all about exposure (the legal kind…sorry if you were looking for some other kind of exposure)!

I began this page as a way for authors to get their short stories and flash fiction out. Along the way, I’ve found (with my own publication struggles) no one really wants to post anything other than short, short-short, flash, or micro stories. Well, time for my site to try to be a little different.

My mantra, where this page is concerned, is writers helping writers. With that said, I’m opening up submissions to a much broader level of participation. If you want to submit an online novel, one chapter at a time, go for it! If you want to get your short story, etc, as the site has been posting, I’m all for that, too! If you want to dazzle the world with your latest poetic piece, scene from a screen-play, page from a memoir, or op ed piece, send it along and it could be on the next post!

Check out the updated The Skinny page for new guidelines (for instance…op ed will have to be pretty vanilla, so as not to lose any followers. Otherwise…I’m pretty open to most everything).

I’ll still only be posting three pieces, per week (for now), but I’ll keep items in reserve for those slow weeks (to spare you the agony of reading one of my stories…and you really don’t want a piece of my mind in an op ed). I hope this makes the site a little more successful, and I hope that success translates to more viewers for you, my fellow writers, as we make this journey.

Spread the word, yo!



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