Musings from The Rack

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Yep, this is what the Dad Hat looks like.

Okay, in all fairness, it doesn’t always look like this. In fact, I’d say it rarely looks like this; however, we remember the stress more easily than we remember the routine. This week, the routine was disrupted, and this week’s picture is rather fitting (and also why I didn’t post on Sunday night, as per uzh).

Last Wednesday, my boy had surgery. It wasn’t anything overly concerning–outside the fact that any time someone is under general anesthesia it’s a concern–but, the nights that followed the procedure took their toll on me. He slept in the living room so that we could ensure his head was propped, and I slept in my recliner where I could see him at all times. He did great! I slept like crap four nights in a row. So, after several nights of worry, along with our large family Thanksgiving gathering (yesterday), and the literal pain in the back that rounded out the trifecta, my wife insisted I relax and get a good night’s sleep. After a few Guiness Draughts, I was out! That being said, I apologize for the tardiness of The Rack, this week (last week, if you prefer).

No intention of making this a long post. The most important point to be made is how proud I am to wear this hat and I’ll proudly wear it, the rest of my life…even when it looks like it did, last night.

I love you, little t!



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