Musings from The Rack (early morning edition)

20151025_144225Wearing the student hat, as an adult, has a much different feel than when I wore it 25 years ago. For one, I don’t have quite the same energy to post about it at one-o’clock in the morning. During the day, though, being a returning student is wonderful…and not. 

I have found that I have such a strong desire to learn, and every minute I spend on my schoolwork is in pursuit of the knowledge; the good grades are a byproduct. When I first entered college, in the last part of the 80’s, getting a C was more than enough to satisfy my needs. Now, even an A– is enough to send me into a mood from which I have trouble recovering. I’ve only had one grade that wasn’t an A, since returning to school, and it was the aforementioned A-… I’m afraid it may happen again, this term.

Sundays kinda stink, when my better half has to work, because my boy has to suffer through the day without much of a parental unit for the entire day. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys playing games and watching MineCraft Vids on YouTube, but I still feel guilty for leaving him alone, all day. Today, I worked the entire day crafting what I hope was the perfect draft of a final paper, but it kept me in the office until evening. When I finally took a break to fix us some dinner, I just couldn’t make myself go back and work on the other–rather large–project and leave him alone until bed-time. While I’m pursuing my degrees for him (almost as much as for myself), I need him to know that he is still more important…in the now as well as in the future. I need make sure I know that, too.

So, while I’m super proud to wear the blue and gold  on my head, I’m forever prouder to wear the hat that reads DAD, and I’ll gladly take any lower grade for the privilege of having Tully in my lap, while he still wants to sit there.

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